Senin, 18 Juni 2007

Status Message and Older Post picture link

This tutorial covers 2 aspects. First, we shall customize the template to remove the status message “Showing posts for query link. Show all posts” appearing at the top of the posts when you enter a search word in the Blogger Navigation bar. Secondly, in the previous article, we discussed the ways to remove or hide the Newer Posts, Home, and Newer Posts links at the bottom of every post. We

Rabu, 13 Juni 2007

Post Footer – Customize Template (I)

In this tutorial, we discuss the various ways you can customize the Post Footer and change the Blogger template. The steps will cover how to change the “Posted by author”, “Comments”, “Labels” links in the Post Footer, replacing them with other names or pictures.This is how a typical Post Footer looks like. It includes the author's name, time of the post, number of comments, number of backlinks

Post Footer – Customize Template (II)

We continue from where we left off in Post Footer – Customize Template (I). In the first part, we went through how you can change and customize the appearance of the “Posted by author” link and replace it with another name or picture. You could also remove the timestamp if you want. In this part, we continue with customization of the “Comments”, “Labels” and other icons shown in the Blogger

Jumat, 08 Juni 2007

Submit RSS Feeds and Pings

In this article, we list all the Feed Directories to which you can submit your feeds for Free. We shall also list the Ping services that you can use to ping whenever you update your Blog. This should help increase awareness of your new articles and attract more readers to your Blog. As the list is ever-growing, you might want to consider bookmarking this page as we shall update the list whenever

Selasa, 05 Juni 2007

Scrolling Text - Marquee HTML Code

This HTML term Marquee is used to create a scrolling or sliding text. The text can move across the screen horizontally or vertically at a certain speed determined by you. Note, however, that while it looks nice to have scrolling announcements, advertisements, quotations, or links, having too much animation in your Blog may distract and irritate your readers. We had earlier created a line of

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