Rabu, 19 Maret 2008

Get Backlinks To Your Blog - Try These 4 Tips

Once you start your own Internet marketing business you will quickly learn that traffic is king. You have to let people know that you are open for business. People can only find your blog when you have a link pointing back to it.

In this article we will talk about the five best ways to get back links pointing back to your blog.

1. Start a pay per click advertising campaign. Google Adwords is still the strongest pay per click advertising search engine in the world today. You can advertise with many others as well. Payperclicksearchengines.com is one website that contains hundreds of companies where you can advertise your website by bidding on keywords.

There are many things that go into creating a good ppc campaign. It will be important that you do not jump in with both feet until you have taken the time to learn the basics. Because it is still the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to any blog or website we list it number one.

2. Submit your blog post articles to social directories. One quick way to do that is to join Onlywire.com. They conveniently contained over 20 social directories that you can bookmark your posts too. You will also want to consider joining others such as Stumbleupon, Digg, Propeller and any relevant ones that relate to the theme of your blog.

Every time you post in your blog you should bookmark that post to all of the social directories. This creates links back to each individual post giving you potential traffic.

3. Article marketing is still a fantastic way to create traffic and back links to your website. You should learn everything you can about this excellent marketing strategy. The bottom line is crafting a well-written resource box that contains a link back to your website is one way to get people who read your articles to visit your site.

Also when you hyperlink a keyword in your resource box search engines find it and come to your website as well. You begin to develop keyword relevancy over time by writing and submitting this with the resource box as many times as possible.

4. One great way to create back links is Posting comments in other people's blogs. Every time you post you are able to include your name and your website address in some comments. Try to include your primary keyword in the name if you can.

This is four of the best ways to get back links to your blog. There are countless other ways and you may be comfortable with some of them. Regardless of how you do it the key is to get thousands of back links to your blog creating potential traffic for you and your business.

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Sabtu, 08 Maret 2008

Blogging Essential - Three Mistakes That Can Spell the End of Your Blog

Who would have thunk it? Blogging, started out in 1994 as random musings by a handful of internet users who considered them nothing more than online diaries. Not anymore. Blogging is not only commonplace but it can also be a key component in online business success.

Why has it become such a phenomenon? No doubt convenience plays a major role. Blogs are easy to set up and use. Also unlike traditional website building, blogs require no technical expertise which means no fooling around with HTML code and the like.

But more than anything blogging gives people a voice to be heard. You can post some thoughts on any topic you wish and instantly have a worldwide audience to read it. If they agree or disagree they can let you know it by providing comments on your blog. Not only is this more interactive that the traditional website but search engines look at comments on your blog as fresh content.

However like everything else in life, there is a flip side. To make blogging work for you there are some things you need to keep in mind.

1. Respect for Your Audience

You want as many people in your targeted niche (and beyond) to check out your blog so do your best to avoid offending them. For instance you may have a blog about politics. This is a good way to attract an audience and have spirited discussions and debates. The key is to make sure that you don't cross the line. It's easy in a politically charged atmosphere to let your emotions get the better of you. As the person who runs the blog you must keep a check on what's happening. Don't let a first-class debate collapse into name-calling and verbal abuse. By losing control of their emotions and or their comment board, a number of bloggers have wound up losing a potential loyal audience.

2. The Over Design

There are many blog layouts to choose from but do not overdo it. Your priority should always be to provide good unique content to your audience. The blog design should complement your writing not compete with it. Your text should also be clearly readable. Don't put your content on a background that's going to strain the eyes of your blog visitors. If you want to experiment fine but you can never go wrong by starting out with a basic design.

3. Where Have You Been?

Blogging is easy but one thing that separates a good blog from the rest of the pack is how often you post information on your blog. You may have been on a couple of discussion forums and heard people say they do not post to their blog if they have nothing to say. That's all well and good but what predictably happens is the amount of time between having something to say gets longer and longer. They start out with great enthusiasm and post daily, than every few days, followed by once a week which then turns into a couple times a month.

This is not going to work. People want information. You should post at least three times a week. Write the content yourself or borrow it from others (just make sure to give them credit). You can write a short blurb about an article you saw online and then give the link to your readers so they can check it out. The point is to not let your blog sit idle for long periods of time. That's a good way to lose an audience hungry for information. It also doesn't help you with the search engines which love blogs that update frequently. Since the majority of your internet traffic will come from places like the Google, Yahoo and MSN it's best to give them what they want.

Blogging is a phenomenon that will continue to grow. While it's effortless to set up and operate never lose sight of the fact that you must respect your audience first while giving them quality frequently updated content in an easy to read format. Welcome to the world of blogging. Enjoy the ride.

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