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How Many Ways Can You Make Money?

How to Get On Your Way to Financial Freedom

The average person has the ability to become a success by owning their own business. Many people think that to make money in this way, you have to have lots of money in order to begin. Nothing could be further from the truth. The first thing you need to do is to write down the things you expect to accomplish with your new business. This will help to raise the chances that you will actually achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Some Ideas You Might Use to Make Money

You might have a way with kids, so why not start your own daycare business. This is a great way for moms to make money and still be at home with their own children. You can advertise your services in the local newspaper or you can create your own website that lets potential clients know why they should feel secure leaving their children with you. You can make money doing something you are already doing for no money at all.

Start Your Own Handyman Business as a Way to Make Money

If you are someone who is talented at fixing things, landscaping, plumbing or any other ability that a homeowner may be willing to pay for, why not start your own business. You can create flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood or you can do your advertising on the internet. There are many ways that a person with valuable capabilities can make money in this way.

Use the Internet to Make Money

If you find yourself spending lots of time surfing on the web, why not find out how you can make money while you are doing it. There are many ways that a regular Joe can make a good living without a lot of cost to start. Anyone with the ambition to make money with their computer can find plenty of ways to line their pockets with cash. Use common sense when you are looking for opportunities. If an offer seems too good to be true you can almost guarantee that it is. Don't expect to make any money without putting some work and effort into it either. So if you are a computer buff, look into ways to make your living doing what you do best.

Become an Online Book Seller

For the avid reader, you may find that you have way too many books in your home that are collecting dust. You can actually make money by selling them on the internet. You can use such websites as EBay and Amazon as well as a host of others to sell books to readers looking to make a purchase. You will be surprised at how much money you can make. Your best bet is to research where those who purchase books browse in order to make the most money you can.

There are so many ways you can make the money you deserve if you just take the time and effort to do the research. With all the information that is available absolutely free on the web, you have no excuse to stay in the same old rut.

Come and visit our Make Money website where you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration to get you started making money at something you enjoy. Come on and take a risk right now.

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What does CPC indicate?

When we think of high paying keywords, the first thing that pops up in our mind is CPC. CPC (Cost Per Click) is the maximum amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay you for a click. Higher the CPC of a particular keywod, more will be the payouts you can expect by targeting that keyword in your AdSense websites. You can get the most accurate CPC from the source itself - Google.

However, CPC is not the only factor that tells the profitability of a keyword. There are many other factors that you should consider.

Choosing Niche Keywords
Niche keywords are the keywords that are highly searched by the web surfers, and are rarely used by your competitors. Less competition means more traffic to your website. Targeting ten niche keywords is easier and more fruitful that targeting a highly competitive keyword. Traffic from niche keywords when directed to a relevant page increases your CTR and conversion ratio.

Determining Traffic

Determining traffic for a keyword is quite important before targeting it. Along with the competition stats, it lets you make out the niches present in any industry. Besides, it lets you predict (to some extent) how much traffic you can expect if you promote a website around a particular keyword. There are two known sources for determining traffic. Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool (now a part of Yahoo Search Engine) and WordTracker. When talking about accuracy, Wordtracker monitors the queries on some meta search engines that actually render it inaccurate . Reason? There is no known stat about how much of the community you are targeting is searching on those meta search engines. However, it's a good tool to make out the niches.

In my opinion, Yahoo owned Overture gives you more accurate stats than Wordtracker. This is for the reason that Overture is a PPC engine. It can show you how many people are searching for a particular term on its vast network. A network which is bigger than any Meta Search Engine. Still, it is not that accurate, but at least better than Wordtracker. The tools that are predicting Google Searches for you are just doing guess work. No one knows the algorithm they use.

+Maximize your AdSense Revenue

What are High Paying Keywords?
No! High paying keywords are not the keywords that have high CPC. There are many keywords in Google Adwords system, which have a high CPC, but no Advertisers bidding on them. Relying too much on the CPC can lead you to many Fake high paying keywords. High Paying Keywords refer to those keywords on which the advertisers bid madly, and are ready to pay (more than average) per click to anybody who fetches them the target traffic. Keywords are the search phrases that belong to a specific industry. For example, "Student loan" belongs to Finance or Loan industry. Some industries are highly populated with Advertisers and competitors while others are not. And those keywords are called High Paying Keywords.

CPC (Cost Per Click)
What it is: CPC or Cost Per Click refers to the maximum amount of money that an advertiser is willing to pay per click on their ads.
Importance: Higher CPC means higher EPC (Earnings Per Click) for you.
Source: Google Adwords

Clicks per month

What it is: These are the number of clicks the highest ad gets in a month in Google Adwords System.
Importance: There are many industries that exist online that don't get much clicks on their ads. Targeting such keywords might be harmful for your Adsense income. It shows you which keywords have a larger commercial traffic. More are the number of clicks, more effective a keyword is for adsense. Also, More clicks a keyword attracts, higher CTR you can expect for that keyword.
Source: Google Adwords

What it is: These are the number of Advertisers bidding on the keyword. This is the most important figure that you need while choosing keywords for Adsense.
Importance: There are many keywords in Google Adwords system that have high CPC like $50+ but no advertisers bidding on them. Obviously, no one is going to pay you like $15 or $50 if there are no advertisers bidding on a keyword. Also, more are the number of advertisers, more Affiliate programs you can find in that industry too.
Source: Google Adwords

Average CPC
What it is: Average CPC is the average of what all the advertisers bidding for the given keyword.
Importance: Average CPC adds to your power of judging high paying keywords. Where other tools end up giving you average of only top 3-8 bidders, KeywordCountry gives you average of what all the advertisers are paying on a keyword. This gives you the much more and astonishing picture of high paying keywords.
Source: Google Adwords and tedious calculations.

What it is: The actual number of pages that will be competing against you on a keyword. Inanchor Intitle formula used to determine this figure is regarded as the most precise formula ever devised to measure competition.
Importance: This column lets you find many more niche keywords. Generally the number of search results returned by Search Engines are taken as the number of pages competing on a keyword. But those pages who have used or just dumped your keyword in the corner of their page are not competing against you but SE will still list them. A true competitor targeting a webpage with a certain keyword, tends to include that keyword in the title and the anchor text that links to that webpage. And these are exact number of pages that are using these keywords in their Title text and Anchor Text.
Source: Google

Google Traffic Estimates
What it is: This is the estimated traffic that a given keyword is getting on Google Search Engine.
Importance: This data is far more accurate than Overture Search Estimates or WordTracker Search Estimates. More are the number of searches, more profitable a keyword is.
Source: Google and other sources (Estimated)

Overture Traffic Estimates
What it is: This refers to the number of searches done in a month for a particular keyword, according to the Overture PPC Engine. This helps you determine the keywords that attract more traffic.
Importance: More traffic means more profits. This column prevents you from wasting your time on keywords that are rarely searched in Search Engines.
Source: Overture

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Mind Tricks For A Home Based Business

Could your way of thinking prevent you from creating a successful online home based business?

Do you wonder how your mind operates when it comes to money, being rich and creating wealth online? If you haven't thought about it before, you may have some negative programming in your subconscious.

A few questions to see how your subconscious is programmed:

When you have decided that you want to make money online, do you believe you can be successful?

Do you believe that there is "abundance" when it comes to money, and that you can make money, get rich and then create wealth online depending on your needs? Why or Why not?

What are your beliefs when it comes to internet marketing? Is there just too much competition? You could never tap into that market?

Where have the beliefs about making money online come from? The opinions of others?

If you're like me, you might have some negative programming in your subconscious regarding making money online. With all the scams out there, it's easy to label everything as such.

You could spend years learning as much as you can about online internet marketing and making money. And deep in your mind that negative subconscious programming can still exist.

But there's something you can do about it.

There's an important concept to keep in mind when we are dealing with the 'inevitables' of any online home business. Something is not going to work out as we had planned it. Sooner or later we will encounter that familiar emotion called frustration. Some days you will think that you're about to go crazy. At times, you may even get upset.

An important ingredient for home based business greatness is the ability to see that there is no failure, only feedback.

The reason why most people fail with an online business is because they mistake negative feedback as failure. You perform an action and you get a result. That positive result is making money online with your home based business. That's positive feedback and let's you know to continue with what your doing.

The negative result requires us to change what we are currently doing. The negative feedback let's us know that it is time to discontinue with what we're currently doing, and adjust it. That's all it is.

That negative feedback has taken out many people who otherwise could have been very successful internet marketers. They didn't lack the commitment or motivation; they just didn't change what they were doing when the negative feedback made its presence.

Great reward = great risk or temporary setbacks.

Realize that there is massive success just around the corner. You must believe that. So long as you are learning from your mistakes, bringing out you best traits and subduing your negative traits. You will eventually internalize a new, success-drawing belief system. You need to constantly work that muscle and it can be hard with all the things that can happen with your online business.

Those meant for greatness will be tested and have to deal with constant obstacles, whereas those who are destined for mediocrity will have it easy. Their results will be mediocre while entrepreneurs like us are destined to lead grand, magnificent lifestyles.

Consider this; there is absolutely nothing wrong with mediocrity. But we have chosen to take control of our lives and start working from home with an online business. We are meant for more than mediocrity. We are meant for greatness.

This is a great thought process to have and an important step.

Model the internet marketers who are making money online. One of the best things that you can do.

Nothing can replace being shown step by step how to build wealth online by a group of like minded people that will help support you. Re-enforce that positive mind set programming.

Stop looking for the get rich quick.

Realize that you're going to have to constantly learn and improve to have a successful business. Research and decision making are important for all businesses.

Now put your mind to it!

Don Downes is a top internet marketer who works with other industry leading internet marketers from around the world. He works with successful business coaches who specialize in helping individuals create 6-figure incomes working from home. To learn more, visit Don's website at http://AutomateWealthOnline.com

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Home Business Tips

7 Home Business Tips to Help You Choose The Perfect Home Based Business

We live in the age of the Internet. No where has the Internet made a larger impact than with the work at home entrepreneur. You want to start your own home based business, but, there are so many options. Some are legitimate, some aren't.

The purpose of starting a business is to make money and be happy doing it. You certainly don't want to waste your time and money on a scam. So what do you look for when starting your own work at home business?

The following home business tips are a few things to look for in a home based business opportunity.

Stability- With so many scams out there, one thing to look for is a stable opportunity. Are they listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)? If so, you will be able to see when they listed. Look for a business that has been around for a while. There are some new opportunities that are worthwhile but I always like to know the business has been successful. Also, a stable company will usually let you join for free so that you can take a more detailed look at it before you invest your time and money.

Product- What product(s) will you be offering? Is it something that most people need, use, or would want? More importantly, is it something you need, would use, or want? It is impossible to market a product that you don't use, because if you don't use it, how can you convince anybody else to use it? Also, keep in mind that most times, you will be selling the opportunity as well, so you need to be convinced that it works before you can convince others.

Investment- What are the start up costs? What about the marketing costs? How does the compensation plan work? How long does it take before you will break even? Compare what you will be spending to the money making potential.

Training- Does the company you have found provide thorough training with a strong support system or are you virtually on your own? Nothing is more discouraging than having something to sell and a business to promote and not know where to begin. Make sure your business gives you ideas on how to market your product. It's even better if they show you how to do it.

Look for ways to get people to join you while your business is growing, like Guaranteed Sign-ups, or an advertising co-op.

Forums- This goes along with the training you will get from your business. Can you get in contact with others in the business that have been successful? It's nice to know the path others have taken to become successful in your business. They can give you helpful ideas and help you avoid some of the pitfalls they have encountered.

What I have found most helpful is forums and message boards. They go a long way in giving you self confidence, encouragement, and ultimately, success.

Potential- What is the monetary potential for the business? After all, that is the bottom line, isn't it, to make money and the freedom it allows?

Your Gut Feeling- If something doesn't feel right, you need to back away until you get all your questions answered. First and foremost, you have to believe in the opportunity. Don't jump into anything. Take it slow and be patient.

I hope these home business tips give you a head start in in becoming a successful work-at-home entrepreneur.

The rest is up to you!

Lisa Willard is a life-time learner and online marketer. Are you interested in learning the secrets of building a business online. Contact me at lwillard@omega1w.net or visit my personal website at http://www.OnlineCandleTeam.com

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3 Tips On How To Make A Name For Yourself

What is your reputation online? Do you know?

If you're just starting out or having been online long, chances are you don't really have a reputation. Not yet. This is good, because you want to be sure the reputation you do develop is a good one. But how do you develop a good reputation online?

Here are three tips to help you.

1. Copy what the experts are doing.

Do a search online for "internet marketing experts" and see what names come up on the first page. Click some of them and have a look at their sites. Where possible, check out their biography. You can find these by taking a name and adding "bio" or "biography" to your search. Notice how long they've been online, how many web sites they own, how many products they have produced, and any other information that indicates they've been around awhile.

Run a search for the top names you come across and see what you get. Pay attention to how they are promoting and, especially, look for any feedback or comments from people who have done business with them. These are the experts you want to copy because they know how to establish a good reputation online.

2. Participate in forums related to your business specialty

Visit related forums and see how you can contribute. Find posts where you can offer your expertise to help them. Over time, you will become recognized as an expert in your field.

3. Offer quality products and over-deliver

Make certain that anything you produce, whether it's a small e-book or a full web design service, is of the absolute best quality. Be receptive to your customer's feedback, both good and bad. Respond to their concerns respectfully and do whatever it takes to please them. Become known as a business person who is easy to work with, reliable and consistent. Over-deliver on your promises. Don't just sell the service or e-book. Load your offer with a lot of other helpful and relevant products.

Do these three things and you will boost your online reputation and your sales.

Jonathan Budd Is An Expert Internet Marketer Who Shows People How To Make Far More Money Then They Are Now With Highly Profitable Cutting Edge Systems At: http://www.TheProfitMasterminds.com

Learn From A Newbie?

Finally, a Newbie is an Expert!

Yep, you heard it right, folks, this here internet marketing newbie is an expert-I mean my situation was probably not much different than yours, when I made the decision, taking the bold plunge into this mysterious, hugely profitable business. Yes I am an expert at investing large sums of money in product and making sure that my account alone will continue to fund payroll for Google Adwords staff, with out making me one penny. Yes, my experience thus far on my best 5 days was a conversion rate of, hold on let me calculate that-oh, what is there to calculate-0!! What exactly does this expert status mean? (Well read on-it may sound a bit familiar to some of you.)

Well for starters, I think I own just about every e-Book and am on every sucker list because of it, on the subjects of: affiliate marketing, pay per click strategy, SEO, CSS, Blogging for bucks, wealth and income stream generation, how to pick up girls and get my golf score below 80. ( I had to get those last two so I could tell people I wasted my money on some of the information. Seriously, I think I became obsessed with the search for the holy grail, or perhaps some might even say that I became a bit, well, Quixotic-you know chasing that proverbial windmill of the internet gods.

I mean, after all, the internet population is huge. You know, it is kinda like opening a hot dog stand in NYC-how can you fail-sell a couple hundred hot dogs out of a population of 10,000,000, how hard is that. Well I really don't know-but I gotta tell ya I bet a bunch of the money that I have already spent on all that crap I already mentioned that as hard as that may be-it ain't any harder than breaking into this business with a population base several times larger than NYC's population base.

OK, I should not be so hard on all of the info and e-books out there-after all, most have anywhere from minimal value to exceptional value. Some are darn near copies of others-neat thing is, no one cares because you mess with me and I mess with you-"sharing" seems pretty rampant in this business. More importantly, they are the products that I am attempting to sell, and soon, when I graduate from a four star Newbie status and get my Internet Marketing Guru Wings status, or please god, Affiliate Rockstar Status, making millions of dollars, I too, will become a publisher of a most incredible e-book, that enjoys a record breaking launch of all time, albeit I will limit it to only as many copies as folks are willing to buy!

OK, so let's get to the heart of the matter. In every product there is a bit, a kernel of information missing. Some times it is a "how to", other times it is a "oh, and don't forget to..."-there is always something missing. Then once you actually discover it, at the cost of going broke, you get that "aha" and it makes all of the somewhat unpleasant experiences worthwhile. Well, I at long last after about 3 months now have one profitable PPC campaign running, making me a couple thousand a month after ad spend. I see the light, and it is not a train coming towards me! And I have started, yes, sit down, building my double opt in list--every real marketer does need a group of people that look forward to receiving his newsletter and or other information.

While my full IM Guru wings have not come completely out, I now know a bunch more than 3-4 months ago. I want to share a few things with you briefly, which, because of my experiences, may greatly reduce your learning curve time and save you a lot of money. So Here ya go:

Stop buying all of those ebooks and other products--you have enough!!

Find the one or two you want to focus on and develop a successful marketing/sales campaign that turns you a profit

Get a quality Autoresponder, (they are not expensive--about $20.00 a month) and start building a list

Build a List

Build a List, oh yes this is very important--and treat those list members with love and respect, do not spam them, send them only quality info and they will reward you with many, many sales.

Get your own domain and host, they too are not expensive, early on do shared hosting. Your domain will cost you about $8 per year and your hosted shared server will run about $9-$20 per month.

Learn how to set up and start using videos to help your products convert better and get more opt in leads to your list.

Oh, if I forgot to mention it--start building a list, offer free product for exchange of name and email address, along with other information like address, phone etc. If what you offer is of value, you will get opt-ins to your list.

Good Luck!

Oliver has spent nearly 20 years l corporate marketing and sales for three NYSE companies.He publishes three newsletters for Internet Marketers. visit him at: http://www.larryoliver.net/5Tools or email larry@larryoliver.net

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Strategy for internal linkage structure

Internal links are the links that point to the contents that are distributed in different pages of your websites. Thus the internal links all possess the same domain name. The number of internal links increases as the number of pages of the website increases. There are certain strategies to be followed in order to make your website effective in creating internal links, without affecting the optimization of the website.

Search engines use specific algorithm to segregate the websites on the basis of the relevance of the contents in each page. According to the Pagerank specifications, your website should not contain more than 100 links in the home page. This is the maximum number, and obviously you need not include 100 links. It is ideal from the search engine’s point of view to include a maximum of 20 links in the home page of a website. If you supply more links in your home page, you would be sacrificing the search engine index of your website. The website may be ignored for having ‘too many internal links’ in it.

There is certain order for giving internal links in the websites. According to the search engine, each page of the website is considered as a stand-alone website, and each page is indexed separately based on the content value in it. Therefore it is very important to include the contents as well as the links that is very much relevant to a particular page. Thus the home page should contain the most important contents and the primary level links. The primary level links lead the user to the secondary page, where the secondary information is contained, and this page contain the secondary links that directs the user to the tertiary information, and so on. In addition to these forward linking, each page in your website should contain at least one backward link or a link to the home page.

This structured design of your website will enable it to become more friendly to the user as well as the search engines. Another important attribute to be focused is its content. In effect, every page of your website should reflect different content, but related to the main theme in some manner. This will help you to get more inbound links from various other websites that share different contents. Thus, the systematic arrangement of the internal links itself will help to improve the performance of the website as well as the scope for procuring valuable inbound links.

According to the latest search engine strategies, all links of a website may not be listed under the root directory. It is because the current search engine methods start indexing a page with a zero rank when it is freshly added to a search engine, and later on its ranking improves according to the quality of the contents and the internal links in it. Thus the directory in which the links are located does not anyway affect the performance of the website.

Appropriate internal links, thus, are inevitable components of an effective functioning of a website.

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