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Computer Network and Local Area Network

Computer Network and Local Area Network
Computer network is a connection between one computer to another computer by using the supporting device. Computer network shared some computer network based on the distance of the network coverage. 
Among which:
  1. LAN(Local Area Network)
  2. MAN(Metropoitan Area Network)
  3. WAN(Wide Area Network)
Computer networks have the advantage of them:
  1. For sharing resources
  2. Help maintain the information in order to remain reliable and up to date
  3. Faster process of sharing data.
  4. Sharing hardware.
  5. And much more.

LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network design that has a small scale. normally used for a room and consists of several computers. to create a network of computers with a Type LAN, we need some support device. such a switch or hub that serves as a concentrator / terminal gathering data packets from one computer to be distributed to the destination computer, cables, connectors.

to design computer networks by type of LAN, we must choose a topology concepts to help us in building a computer network. for topics this time I will build a computer network with STAR topology. because the star topology is very easy to build and if there is a network troubleshooting, it would be easy to repair.
 Installation preparation
  1. Prepare computer use within NIC
  2. Provide a place to network.
  3. Design a network using STAR topology
  4. Determine the cable path so as not to obstruct the way.
  5. Provide cable UTP / STP.
  6. RJ-45 connectors to taste.
  7. Prepare Crimping Tool to crimp the cable to the connector.
  8. Cable Tester, for checking the quality of the cable that was made.
  9. DAK cable
  10. Switch or HUB
Installation phase
  1. Layout location of all computer and switch / HUB. for all the computers get the same connection, because if the computer is too far, will affect the process of data transmission.
  2. Measuring cable from the switch / hub to each computer.
  3. Make a cable with straight-over type. Crimping tool for ease of use.
  4. Check the cable using a cable tester.
  5. Connect from any computer to the switch / hub (as the concentrator)
  6. Computer settings through the operating system used.
Some LAN configuration model, a computer is usually used as a File Server. which is used to store software that manage network activity. or as software that can be used by the computers that connect to the network. 

Computers connected to the network is usually referred to as a workstation. Usually the ability under the File servers and workstations have other applications on the hard drive in addition to applications for the network. Most LANs use the media cable for connecting one computer to another.

So, enough I share my knowledge with you for today. This knowledge may be useful for those of you who read it

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