Kamis, 28 April 2011

Social Network is Facebook

Social Network is Facebook
That’s a regular question that I, or you, got these days following the booming of the social network in the country. No kidding: They have more than 35 million users in Indonesia already!

There are more than 642 million users are using this service globally. 

Indonesia is the second biggest Facebook users in the world, after United
States. So, welcome to Indonesia, ‘the Republic of the Facebook‘!

Some Quora users have good answers on this, from technical perspective to cultural and social behaviour of Indonesian people.

“There are more people who know Facebook but have never heard of the Internet. Some thought Facebook was a BlackBerry invention so they bought BlackBerry devices just to get on Facebook,” says Aulia Masna.

“Put it simple, peer pressure. People using Facebook and telling their friends to join Facebook as well,” Rama Mamuaya explaines. “Indonesia is Facebook in real life…Indonesian culture is based on sharing, communication and solidarity….” Danny Hefer says.

“Many Indonesians like to show off, or don’t want to lose face,” Ronny Haryanto writes. “It’s called ‘Latah’,” Chris Prakoso adds.

“Because most of Indonesians are narcissistic,” Connie Panjenengan explains and “FB is the right place to show yourself off,” Dwi Rezeki Kirana Bangun says.

However, in term of updating or publishing, Facebook is much easier than, let’s say, blogging in a personal blog. “Facebook doesn’t require continuous attention. So posting something or reading updates can be done in a few minutes,” Ronny Haryanto adds another insight.

Anything else you can share why is Facebook so popular here in Indonesia? Write down your answer(s) below!

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