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PATA Mini PCI-E SSD for Dell Mini 9

PATA Mini PCI-E SSD for Dell Mini 9
Active Media Products, a leader in DOMs and small form factor SSDs, today announced a new 64GB Mini PCI-E SSD designed specifically for Dell Inspiron® Mini 9 upgrades that delivers substantially more storage space and dramatically faster performance than the Mini 9's default drive, as shown in the benchmark results below.

The SaberTooth AA SSD scored about 100% faster than the default SSD in Read speeds, and up to 9x faster in write speeds. The SaberTooth AA is one of the first available 64GB upgrades for the Mini 9, making it the highest density storage solution in this form factor. 

"This SSD answers the demand from many netbook users for bigger and faster storage options. We were able to reach the 64GB density by using the newest high capacity flash chips," stated Active Media Products VP of Sales, Jerry Thomson.

The SaberTooth AA has a Mini PCI-E connector, but uses IDE/PATA signaling, so it is custom made for the Dell Mini 9. The MLC flash based drive includes ECC and wear leveling features. The 64GB SaberTooth AA, part number N64G-HMPCIE2, is available now on Amazon or directly through for about $199.

50mm PATA Mini PCIe SSD
SaberTooth™ SSDs are custom designed for netbook PC upgrades. Our fastest PATA netbook SSD, the SaberTooth AA Dell Mini 9 upgrade is 100% compatible with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Vostro A90 netbooks. It is designed in a half mini PCIe form factor, and is offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. 

It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to upgrade your Dell Mini netbook to higher performance and more local storage. You can enjoy lightning fast bootup and application load times and have enough drive space to store all your important documents.

- Half Mini PCIe length with mounting holes designed exclusively for the Dell Mini 9 and
Vostro A90
- Lightweight
- Rugged and reliable - no moving parts
- Made with MLC NAND Flash
- Power saving circuitry helps extend battery life
- ECC Error Correction for server-class reliability
- Bad bit management maps out bad bits to prevent errors
- Sophisticated wear leveling algorithm ensures a long usable lifetime
- Includes screwdriver and installlation guide
- 1-Year warranty


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