Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Prince William dan Kate bercerai selepas 5 minggu berkahwin?

Dengar ceritanya Prince William dan Kate Middleton nak bercerai selepas 5 minggu berkahwin...Sensasi tak sure la nie citer betul ke palsu nie..

Kononnya,Perkahwinan mereka adalah satu kesilapan dan William tak mencintai Kate...eh,bukanke derang berchenta 8 tahun bagai nak rak...nie mesti just citer nak kasik hangat je kot...well,just wait and see what is the real story lah..

Menurut sumber,sekiranya William dan Kate berpisah,Kate bakal menerima duwet yang banyak.huhu...Sensasi rasa tak mungkin lah Queen nak bagi William buat mcm tue..sedangkan bapaknya Charles pun dikawal oleh Queen kan kene paksa kahwin dengan Lady Diana dulu..huhu.,.

jom baca citer yang tak sure sahih ke tak nie..

LONDON—Barely a month after marrying 29-year-old Kate Middleton in a royal wedding ceremony watched by an estimated 2

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billion people worldwide, Prince William announced Tuesday that he and Middleton have divorced and that the entire marriage was “a tremendous mistake in every possible regard.” “I really don’t know what I was thinking—we’re a terrible match, I don’t love her and never have, and, to be honest, I never really had any interest in being married in the first place,” announced the now unattached Prince William to a dead-silent British press corps. “People thought our wedding was some sort of fairy tale, but I assure you it was all just some ghastly ceremonial farce that got out of hand. I’m just relieved it’s over, frankly. And I’m glad I’ll never have to see that awful woman again.” Prince William then told the assembled reporters, “Well, see you all later,” smiled, and walked back into Buckingham Palace.

Kate Middleton — The High Cost of Royal Divorce

Prince William can’t protect the royal fortune with a simple prenup — those docs aren’t legally totally binding in the U.K. — which means if Willy ever divorces Kate Middleton … she could own half of the kingdom.

Here’s the deal — we’re not insinuating the marriage is doomed … but if things go awry, money could be a HUGE issue … due to the fact that Will’s grandma is reportedly worth around $450 million.

We’ve spoken with multiple legal experts who specialize in U.K. family law — who tell us prenups have been considered virtually worthless, due to the fact that English law was based upon the idea that a married couple should be together for life and their property should be shared.

Translation — from the second a couple is married, they’re each entitled to half of the couple’s wealth … unless a judge decides the traditional 50/50 arrangement is unfair.

Now there is a catch — The Supreme Court of the U.K. recently made a landmark decision honoring a multi-million dollar prenup … and the ruling could change the laws regarding divorce agreements forever.

So what does that mean for William??? The experts tell us he’ll probably get a prenup anyway — just to be safe … but whether the marriage survives or not, being in the Royal family definitely pays off.

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